Specific quality improvement techniques

A range of specific quality improvement techniques are summarised below. Click on the headings for a brief explanation of each.

For a more detailed explanation of these techniques please read HQIP’s Guide to quality improvement methods.

Check clinical care meets defined quality standards.

Introduce and test potential quality improvements on a small scale.

Decide upon, test and refine quality improvements.

Eliminate waste and redirect resources for quality and efficiency.

Drive quality improvement through performance targets.

Systematically evaluate processes for quality improvement.

Map the patient journey for quality improvement opportunities.

Control process quality against predefined measures.

Systematically uncover the causes of events affecting quality.

Improve quality of care through structured information exchange.

Automate processes and systems for care quality improvement.

Improve the quality and consistency of processes.

Guide to quality improvement methods
More information on each method, along with case studies, can be found within HQIP’s Guide to quality improvement methods
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