National Clinical Audit Benchmarking

The National Clinical Audit Benchmarking project (NCAB) provides a visual snapshot of individual Trust audit data set against individual national benchmarks.

This chart shows one hospital’s mortality rate following emergency abdominal surgery, which was 5.1% in 2019, benchmarked against the national average which was 9.6%. The trend graph also shows how the hospitals performance has changed over time (it has improved from 8.5% to 5.1%).

The comparison bar shows the hospital as the black line. The dark green segment indicates a positive outlier meaning that a hospital’s performance was significantly above expectation.

The light green segment which is where this particular hospital is sitting, indicates that the hospital’s performance is better than expected. The grey segment indicates that a hospital falls within the expected range.

The light red segment indicates performance is worse than expected. The dark red segment indicates that a hospital is a negative outlier meaning its performance is significantly worse than expected.

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