Quality improvement case study: User-led audit

urologistA new urology service was to be set up and it was important to find out from patients their priorities in terms of the service.
Step 1

nursePatients attending clinics were asked to choose one priority topic from a list of five that were relevant to the service.
Step 2

Lay members meet department headsTrained lay audit members comprised of a group of patients and their representatives met with audit department staff to agree suitable questions for a patient questionnaire.
Step 3

Lay member interviewingLay members attended a series of clinics to interview patients and record their responses using the questionnaire.
Step 4

Lay member analysing dataAll responses were gathered, lay members analysed the data and created a PowerPoint presentation.
Step 5

Lay member presenting finding

A lay member presented the findings of the quality improvement project at a local speciality audit meeting and changes to practice were agreed, including improved appointment letters and information around directions, parking, access, transport and waiting times.

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